Solution Design


Mzansi Green Solutions can provide a full assessment of your energy requirements before designing a custom solution which is tailor-made just for you.   



Energy Assessment

Our first priority is to identifying the main sources of your energy use, and then advise you on the most cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.

The energy assessments are aimed at helping you manage your enegery consumption effieciently and reduce your electricity costs every month.


Custom Solution Design

Beyond advising on your energy-saving opportunities, our assessors will also design a custom solution for you.

This design will include your off-grid PV array and match the perfect number of inverters and batteries for a reliable energy storage system.


Commercial Solutions

Mzansi Green Solutions can also advise on all of the options available to help business owners reduce their electricity costs by up to 40% as well as recover the cost of the business installation with the SARS Income Tax Deduction.

Financing Options

Talk to us about the various funding and financing options available to help cover the installation, operation and maintenance of your renewable energy system.